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Awards Categories

The CSAs celebrate, recognise and reward outstanding ESG performance


The Corporate Star Awards are independent of any established framework, designed to encourage participation from all companies – whatever point they have reached on their ESG journey. CSA categories have been designed to reflect these goals. 

Entry to the Corporate Star Awards is Free of Charge.


Best Initiative to Strengthen Global Partnerships

This award will recognise innovative partnerships that are addressing a key environmental or social issue. Submissions must demonstrate the impact and results of this collaboration. A clear material link to business strategy, and potential long-term benefits of the partnership are desirable.

Best Carbon Footprint Improvement Initiative

This award is open to any organization that sets new targets in lowering the carbon footprint impact of business activities. This category will reward entities that are committed to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, but will not give credit to those simply offsetting their emissions alone.

Net Zero Innovation Award

This award is open to any organisation that has introduced a pilot programme or new product to impact the Net Zero endeavour of its own operation or that of its customers.

Product Innovation of the Year

This category recognises excellence in both sustainability products and sustainably-designed products. The award is open to entrepreneurs, developers and organisations that have created or refined a particular product or solution which promises to deliver significant environmental or social sustainability improvements – ideally with results already being proven and plans for future deployment.

Best ESG Report

This award will recognise the most accurate, best structured and informative ESG report of the year. Entries must include an example of the report. The entry should highlight comparable year on year KPIs, the target audience for the report, justification for the structure of the report, and the overall objective of producing the report. An outline of how the report is compiled, including how it incorporates different stakeholder perspectives, will also benefit your entry.


Best Charity/CSR Initiative

This award will recognise organisations that are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and are passionate about making a difference to communities and societies. Evidence of collaboration with charities, including tangible benefits that have resulted from such a partnership, will add weight to applications.

Best Campaign to Improve Health and Mental Wellbeing

This award recognises an organisation which has developed and implemented effective programmes to promote the health and wellbeing of employees, contributing to the overall improvement in productivity and an increase in satisfaction and morale of staff.

Best Campaign to Improve Training and Education

Skills and training are vital to help both business and individuals progress and develop. This award rewards organisations who are actively supporting education and training to secure the future for individuals, whether in the form of apprenticeships, grants, in-house training, or wider community projects.

Best Campaign to Improve Diversity

This award recognises the hard work being undertaken to recruit and foster a diverse workforce. This award will go to an initiative that best demonstrates a measurable impact in promoting progressive diversity values around investment, strategy, education, or recruitment – with the goal of ensuring a more just and equal society. It’s important that there’s data, disclosures and investments that support this DE&I ambition, plus evidence of a supporting governance structure featuring incentives and business objectives.


Best Employee Engagement Programme

This award recognises the best examples of engagement and behaviour change, and is open to organisations delivering ambitious, innovative and effective programmes which engage employees. Judges will be looking for projects which overcome engagement challenges, demonstrate tangible change and empower staff and other key stakeholders to exceed expectations.


Best ESG Ambassador/Leader

This award is open to organisations wishing to enter an individual leader (or themselves) who has shown outstanding leadership in promoting responsible and ethical practices within their chosen field. This can include individuals from head of department roles up to CEO level or those leading a programme within the organisation, such as a charity partnership or employee engagement scheme.

Rising Star

This special award is all about shining a light on the outstanding efforts and achievements of inspiring young sustainability and environmental professionals who are driving positive change within their organisation and/or across the low-carbon economy. The award is open to any employee, apprentice, sustainability or energy professional under the age of 30 (as of 31 December 2023), and it can be entered for directly or through nomination.

Key Dates

01 April 2024 – Awards open for nominations.
16 August  2024– Closing date for nominations.
25 August  2024 – Shortlisted finalists announced.
13 Sept 2024 – Winners announced at the Awards Ceremony

Entry to the Corporate Star Awards is Free.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 16 August  2024

Entering Corporate Star Awards
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